3 Safety Tips When Mining

Working in a mining site is among the most dangerous activities you can get engaged in for a hustle. In years we hear of mining shafts collapsing killing thousands of people every year. Accidents with machines and other workers also have been resulting in serious injuries. 

For these reasons, different precautions have been set to help in reducing these damages. As an individual, it’s, therefore, advisable that one practices safety precaution measures to avoid possible accidents in these sites. But which are the best safety precautions that you should observe in a mining place and keep yourself safe?

1. Always read the signs and communication notes

The first step to staying safe is to follow the danger signs. Accept that you’re working in a dangerous environment and therefore look for warnings and directions from the site managers. Stay alert at all times, watch your guard, and don’t forget to look after your colleagues. Also, make sure to read all the notes from the management to stay alert on any warnings. Most of these notes will communicate about the possibility of an accident at the workplace. They’ll indicate instructions and educative points on how to mitigate chances of a crash.

2. Always wear safety pieces of equipment

As a miner, there is a range of protective gears that you can consider to keep yourself safe from any accidents. Such will include protection helmets, safety glasses, and gloves, to boots. As a site manager, you should always ensure that the workers are wearing the right safety gadgets when at work. Wearing a helmet has generated hundreds of stories of people whose life got spared from severe injuries.

3. Train the miners

Site management should ensure that all the team workers go through regular training on their safety. It’s an activity that should not only be for the new miners but all workers in the site. Also, workers should keep continuous check-up for their health status.

These are a few of the tips that both mining site workers and management should consider to put in place. In so doing, it’ll help in reducing cases of accidents in mining sites, therefore, cutting on the number of deaths and possible injuries.